Three General Settings of GeneratePress to Optimize – save 7kb of css

SVG Icons in GeneratePress

In GeneratePress, using the icon fonts will remain enabled by default.

To optimize GeneratePress, you must choose SVG icons to replace the standard font icons used throughout the theme.

This removes the requests for the font files and also makes the icons slightly sharper.

The option can be modified in Customizer > General.

Combine CSS in GeneratePress – save 7kb

By default, GeneratePress will now combine unsemantic-grid.css, style.css and mobile.css into one file.

You must opt for it to optimize GeneratePress.

This results in fewer HTTP requests.

When combined, GeneratePress will use a slimmed down version of unsemantic-grid.css, which only includes the classes that are needed by the theme to function and it saves 7kb of css.

Cache Dynamic CSS in GeneratePress

This is a new option in GeneratePress.

Many of your Customizer options write CSS for you, and output it to your pages.

Instead of generating this dynamic CSS on every page load, GeneratePress cache it in the database and serve the cached CSS instead.

As you can imagine, this is a big performance boost in GeneratePress.

On first load, the CSS will be cached and added to the database.

Any time you save the Customizer options, the cache will bust and get updated with your new CSS.

These three General Settings of GeneratePress will definately optimize theme performance of your WordPress web-site.

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